The Rhino Collection

 The collection is composed by 800 Rhinos NFTs on Polygon. We will donate 20% of The Rhino Collection sales to a Rhino Sanctuary. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and we just created a Discord Channel

Rhino Collection

Our Roadmap

Why the Rhino Collection?

The rhinoceros family belongs to the Rhinocerotidae clade and exist since 55-60 million years. Rhinos evolved into hundreds of species distributed across the world, but only 9 of them survived the Pleistocene age. Subsequent extinctions resulted in five extant species – the black, white, Sumatran, Indian, and Javan rhinoceroses – and four extinct ones – the Siberian, Merck, narrow-nosed and woolly rhinoceroses. In 2011, I, Christian Leydar, was able to spend time in South Africa visiting some Rhino sanctuaries which make me see how big and strong these animals are, but also, how weak against the weapons of humans. I created this colorful collection to share my passion with all of you and create conscience that we should support their preservation.  And..come on!!… How not to love these big animals? It is all about attitude, strength and wildness. Join the Rhino Family and support their conservation.